I'm Camilla, a freelance graphite artist and illustrator from Germany.
After a detour through videogame development as a narrative designer, I'm now developing my own body of work.
I mainly do fine art drawings, covers and illustrations for printed media and linework for comics.
I'm also currently developing an original story as well as several stories about WW2 based on my grandparents' experiences.
I love the romance of the sea and winding trees!


  • 2022 - 2023 Steve Huston, Draws From Life Program, Online

  • 2021 - 2023 The Barnes Atelier, Online

  • 2018 - Present Self-Taught



  • 2022 "Imaginators-a-Go-Go" - WOWxWOW, Online, UK

  • 2021 "The Ticket Show Vol. 1" - Spazio Mec, Procida & Chiavari, Italy

  • 2021 "Bloom" - Surface Gallery, Nottingham, UK


Self Published//

  • 2020 "Stories From Beyond The Veil" - Zine With Ink Illustrations and Short Prose

  • TBA "Ashore" - Novel / Artbook Hybrid

  • TBA "Sentenced to Suffer" - Memoirs of My Grandfather

Artist Bio//

Camilla Roeder is a german graphite artist and illustrator.
Born in Cologne, surrounded by roman ruins and into two families with eventful personal histories of WW2, her interest in the past began at a young age.
Camilla's works encapsulate an ephemeral narrative; by giving no clear beginning nor ending to the storyline of her artworks, they live on in a constant, unchanging state. Camilla aspires to create works that feel real and move the viewer to wonder about the people depicted and their lives. She wants to celebrate life but also remind her audience of the past, thereby doing her part in the fight against forgetting. Themes of loss, solace, life and death can be found in all of her works.

Frequently asked questions

Commissions and Inquiries

If you have any questions regarding commissions and current availability, please feel free to send an e-mail and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.camillaroeder@outlook.com


You are free to use any of my original art for tattoo designs. Some drawings fall under client work and are tied to contracts though. So please ask me about them first!To support the creative efforts that brought about the art you wish to use, please leave a tip here ! Others have tipped around 50€ before.

How can I collect your work?

My shop opens at the beginning of each month for 1 - 2 weeks. Orders can be placed in this timeframe. I'll process everything in the second half of the month. My store offers limited edition fine art glicée prints, prints, vinyl stickers and more.Originals are currently available through:WOW x WOW